Avida RV Club Rules

Aims & Objectives

  • Generally and in every way, to promote the RV movement in Australia.
  • To provide Members with information, advice and assistance on matters connected with motorhomes, caravans and campervans.
  • Promoting or arranging for rallies, get-togethers, displays, exhibitions, matches, competitions, lectures and discussions.
  • Establishing and arranging for the printing of a magazine, essays or reports.
  • To afford Members such benefits and privileges, as it may be possible to arrange.
  • To encourage Chapters for Members enjoyment, use and adventures.
  • Generally promote RV travel throughout Australia.
  • To promote the RV lifestyle.
  • Fostering and encouraging road courtesy, safe driving and hygiene at camping sites.
  • Generally striving to improve conditions for RV living.
  • Obtaining better terms through collective representation in matters pertaining to RV ownership, such as insurance and registrations.
  • Engaging such Members as may be necessary to achieve the above objectives.
  • To do any or all of the things hear by authorised above or in conjunction with another or others.
  • Generally to enter into all such agreements and to do all such acts, deeds, matters and things as may be deemed necessary or expedient for the purpose of obtaining the above objects and furthering the interests of the Club and of RV living generally.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Members of the Club are asked to observe and abide by a number of simple rules that are intended to “make life easier” for all of us. The Avida RV Club’s rules and regulations are detailed below.
  2. The Avida RV Club shall also be known as The Club in Rules and Regulations below.
  3. Only persons over 18 years of age shall be eligible for Membership.
  4. Membership is open to all Avida manufactured RVs regardless of age, and all other eligible motorhomes. The following motorhomes do not qualify and are not eligible - converted buses or coaches, home-built motorhomes / caravans, imported motorhomes / caravans. 
  5. Members do not have to have an eligible vehicle in order to join the club but that ineligible vehicle must not be bought to any club event.
  6. All Membership applications must be on the official application form and signed by the prospective Member.
  7. All Members shall receive an identification card with Member number.
  8. A Member is one who has completed a Club application form, and has been formally accepted by the Club by issuance of a Membership card in the name of that Member.
  9. Club Membership does not in any way guarantee acceptance by the Avida RV Club Insurance Provider.
  10. If the Club rejects the application for Membership the Membership fees are refundable.
  11. The Club reserves the right to cancel any Membership when a non qualifying vehicle is purchased by the Member.
  12. The Club reserves the right to cancel any Membership because of unacceptable behaviour at club events.
  13. The Club reserves the right to cancel any Membership of a Member because of criminal or immoral convictions.
  14. Membership fees are payable at time of application. They can be paid by cash, cheque, direct deposit, Visa or MasterCard. Cheques should be made payable to the Avida Dealer or to the Avida RV Club if transacting direct with the Avida RV Club.
  15. The Member shall be responsible for any bank charges resulting from returned cheques.
  16. Membership fees can change without notice.
  17. Honorary memberships approved and accepted by the Club are generally staff of Avida, Avida Dealers and Avida Suppliers.
  18. Members must specify details of their eligible vehicle. Changes to the details of their eligible vehicle must be communicated in writing to the Club within 30 days of the change.
  19. A Member who is a company or association must nominate a person as the authorised contact of that Company or Association.
  20. Membership fees can change without notice, and are payable annually on anniversary of joining.
  21. Each Member is required to have their current address, phone number and, if available their email address recorded on the Club’s Member’s database.
  22. Failure to pay Membership dues within one month of falling due will lead to suspension of Membership and all benefits.
  23. The Membership of a non-financial Member may be terminated by the Club if, after giving that Member one month’s notice of its intention to terminate that Membership, the Member remains non-financial.
  24. Members shall safeguard and promote the reputation of the Club, its providers and their services. Further, the Members shall avoid all discourteous, deceptive, misleading, unethical or immoral conduct or practices.
  25. Members may request to cancel their Membership at any time and for any reason. If a Member elects to cancel his/her Membership, all rights to benefits cease immediately. No refund of full or apportioned Membership dues is given.
  26. Members are fully responsible for damage caused by them, or their guests at all Club organised events.
  27. Members are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, or their guests at all Club organised events.
  28. Members are requested to show good road manners to other road users during safaris, rallies and Club events.
  29. Decisions made by the Club or Club appointed officials will be final and binding.

Club Safaris & Mini Safaris

All Club Safaris are governed by the Club Rules and Regulations with the addition of SAFARI rules, supplied with safari applications.

Club Seminars

  • All seminars organised by the Club are governed by the rules and regulations of the Club.
  • Members are invited to all Club seminars and workshops.
  • Members are encouraged to bring friends and family.
  • Seminars are held at Avida dealer premises, morning and afternoon tea is provided along with lunch.
  • All seminars are conducted in a professional manner with motorhome education and practical demonstrations the key topics of the day.
  • Fees and charges may apply.


  • All rallies are governed by the Rules and Regulations of the Club with the addition of the Safari Sub Section Rules.
  • The Club reserves the right to cancel a rally due to unforeseen events that may affect the Rally.
  • The Club may determine additional rules for Rallies as it may deem necessary for functioning of such Rally.
  • Rallies are conducted on a regular basis.
  • They are a weekend outing for Members to share and relax at.
  • Unlike safaris, rallies are to be conducted at a destination of interest, with ample time to sightsee.
  • Fees and charges may apply.


  • The Club may approve the formation of Chapters throughout Australia on such terms and conditions as the Club may determine.
  • The Club shall adopt such rules as it determines necessary for the efficient organising, and functioning of the Chapter.
  • A Chapter shall not be a separately regulated body and has no status independent of the Club.
  • Chapters are groups of Club Members united together.
  • These Chapters are based around Avida Dealers. This gives them a place to meet.
  • All Members and friends are welcome.
  • Chapters are a great place for Members to meet and compare outings and events.
  • All Club updates are available at these meetings.