Kenny Koala

Kenny Koala, since his induction into the ARV Club in July 2007, has had some magical adventures and some hair raising moments!

He has travelled to far North Queensland, around the Apple Isle, ventured to the Red Centre, meandered along the Great Ocean Road and to many other amazing destinations around Australia.

kenny koala

As far as the club is aware (we are sure there is a lot more that has gone on behind closed doors) Kenny has been kidnapped and held for ransom, had a baby with a cat named “kinka”, learnt how to fly a plane, recently married and divorced, has had a sex change operation (twice), has an alcohol problem and stolen a car – so much like Australia’s Waltzing Matilda we have chosen a truly upstanding citizen to be our mascot!

Kenny was introduced as the ARV Club mascot to assist in raising funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, the chosen charity of the Club. 

Kenny's Adventure

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