Our Charity: Royal Flying Doctor Service

The Avida RV Club has taken the Royal Flying Doctor Service on board as its chosen charity. All money raised by the club is donated to the RFDS to assist in the worthwhile effort of attending to the ill and infirm in those remote areas of the country where otherwise, medical assistance is very limited.

We chose the RFDS because of their affiliation with the countryside, as motorhomers have and appreciate. We wander into remote areas and heaven forbid, occasionally we may need to call on them, it’s nice to know they are there to assist if required.

Royal Flying Doctor Service

Since 1928 the Service has grown into one of the most respected organisations in the world. Covering an area equivalent in size to Western Europe, it operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With the improved condition of roads and facilities in the outback, the Service is also becoming more involved with the ever increasing number of tourists visiting Australia's remote locations.

Today John Flynn's dream of a "Mantle of Safety" continues to be there for us all.

Visit The Flying Doctors Website for more information