About The Avida RV Club

The Avida RV Club was established in 2004 and the club has grown at an astonishing rate from that time with many more joining every month.

The objectives for which the Club is established are:

  • To provide Members with information, advice and assistance on matters connected with motorhomes and caravans;
  • Promoting or arranging for safaris, get-togethers, displays, exhibitions, matches, competitions, lectures and discussions;
  • To afford Members such benefits and privileges, as it may be possible to arrange;
  • To encourage chapters for Members enjoyment, use and adventures;
  • Generally promote motorhome and caravan travel throughout Australia; and
  • To promote the RV lifestyle.

You don’t need to own an Avida Motorhome or Caravan to join the Avida RV Club. In fact, you do not have to own a motorhome or caravan at all to enjoy the benefits of Australia’s fastest growing RV club.

Members receive numerous benefits and discounts from a wide range of product manufacturers and distributors as well as RV tips. On joining, a free member’s welcome pack is provided.

The club even has its own quarterly magazine called “Out and About”, which includes heaps of motorhome and caravan lifestyle information, tips, competitions and general interest articles.

Avida supported Insurance, Australia’s most competitive specialised Motorhome & Caravan Insurance is available exclusively to Avida RV Club members. 

Members can also take advantage of Avida’s Roadside Assist program, Avida RV Help is free for two years to purchasers of new Avida motorhomes and caravans, but by simply joining the Avida RV Club (and providing the vehicle is eligible and is up to 10 years old), members are automatically upgraded to Avida Prestige Help, an emergency assist program offering a multitude of emergency and lifestyle benefits which includes towing, emergency taxi, car rental and accommodation, Medical Assist, Sentinel Protect, Lifestyle Concierge and Home SOS.

Prestige Help is available for members to renew or purchase at substantially reduced rates exclusive to Club members.

The Avida RV Club also offers a variety of interesting safaris, events and gatherings where members can meet and enjoy themselves in a well organised and comprehensive program of travel and entertainment.

The safaris and events are a highlight for many members as they get to meet up with old & new friends and travel to beautiful Australian locations. These events are casual, relaxed and members are able to explore at their own leisure. Most evenings, the happy hour circle forms around the “Hut” where drinks & snacks are enjoyed, Kenny Koala (the Club mascot) is often auctioned off with all proceeds donated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service and then the evening activities get underway, whether its a BBQ, a catered dinner, a theme night, a movie night, trivia or bingo – a great deal of fun is had by all!

Need more information?  You can contact the Club between 9am and 2.30pm Monday to Friday on 02 4435 8116.  Or you can send an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note we are currently in the process of finalising an exciting new website.  Due to that, paypal no longer works when joining the Club.  You can do so by credit card ot direct debit.  The Club will make contact with you if a registratino form is submitted.  Thank you for your patience on this.