Preferred Parks

The Avida RV Club has established a list of Holiday Parks throughout Australia who recognise the benefit of attracting ARVC Members to their park by offering our members a discount or benefit to enjoy the attractions of the park.

Holiday Parks are often located in superb locations and offer fantastic amenities and leisure activities to Motorhomers & Caravanners, obviously at a price but they are in business after all.
To assist in reducing the cost of staying at Holiday Parks, the ARVC has negotiated benefits and discounts from a number of parks and will continue to do so, improving the offering to our members and we will constantly update the list.

Should you know of a park that you feel we should contact on behalf of all the other members, please do not hesitate to telephone or email the club with the information.

**Our preferred parks listing is continuously being updated. If you have any issues booking with one of our preferred parks please contact us directly, Thank you.**

Download the list of Preferred Parksarrow white